Habiplace, Your Home’s New Best Friend.

Habiplace, Your Home’s New Best Friend.

Imagine having one useful dashboard that presented all the data responsible for running your home. This could include:

Habiplace Dashboard | Bill Tracking Feature

Habiplace Dashboard | Bill Tracking Feature

  • 💡 Energy

  • 📞 Phone

  • 📺 TV

  • 🖥️ Broadband

  • 🏡 Mortgage

  • 💰 Insurance

  • 🚙 Vehicles

  • 🐶 Pets

  • 🛠️ Household Projects

  • 💼 Work

And additionally, if you are a Landlord:

  • 🏘️ Manage your Tenancies.

Having such data at your fingertips would give you the power and freedom to keep track of your bills. For example, alerting you when your energy bill is due. If the price has gone up, or even if there is a cheaper energy tariff to switch too. Giving you the benefit to save time, money and worry less!

Well, now there is! Introducing your homes new best friend, Habiplace.

Amazing! So what is Habiplace?

Habiplace is an online platform whose sole focus is helping you run your home in an efficient and stress-free manner. Saving you much needed time and money. We do this by collating all your home’s overheads, this could, for example, be your phone, broadband and energy bills. We present them on a magical dashboard that keeps track of all the numbers so you don't have to. Not only does it keep track of the numbers, but it also reads them to make sure you are paying the cheapest or best price at all times. I know, we think it's pretty neat too!

If ever your bills go up, we’ll warn you. If ever your bills go down, we’ll let you know how much you're saving. If we find a better package, we’ll give you the option to switch. Moreover, if we detect you are paying the best price on the market, we show a message that says ‘you are on a great deal, no need to switch’. - FYI, something a price comparison site won't do. 😉 (There motive is to keep you switching so they can continue to make money off of you.) Our motive is to save you money. 😌

Fantastic! But how much is Habiplace?

So you’re wondering how much all this goodness is? Well, we have an answer that will keep you pretty Habi (If you’d excuse the pun!). 😜 Sit tight we’re about to use the F word here….FREE! Yup, that's right FREE! It’s ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE!

“But hang on how does Habiplace earn money?” - Great question! It's important that we are honest and transparent with our community. In short, we generate revenue through switching commissions. What this means is every time you switch a tariff through Habiplace we earn a commission. Running a home is expensive enough, so we won’t be adding to that cost.

Signing up is quick, easy and takes less than a minute, Simply click below.

Loving it! So what features can I expect?

Check out our Habiplace Beginners Guide, It's packed with tips and a walkthrough of the platform’s powerful features and tools. All designed to help make running your home a breeze, whilst saving you time 🕒 and money.💰

The Habiplace Beginners Guide

The Habiplace Beginners Guide

Let's show you around...

Let's show you around...